WHP Platform

Project begins: March’09
Project ends: November ’10
Location: Vinarós (Castelló, Spain), Ingleside (Texas, USA), Cádiz (Spain)
Status: WHP installed & operational

Placed on top of the submarine gas storage system there are 2 offshore interconnected platforms the Well Head Platform and the Process platform.

Well Head Platform (WHP)

This platform has all the equipment required to support the drilling of the 13 wells, gas test instruments and production equipment, as well as the beaconing and emergency evacuation equipment.

The topside was assembled in the installations of Kiewit in Ingleside, Texas, and the Jacket in the DOSA facilities in Cádiz. Both parts were transported on huge barges to the installation point in the coast of Vinarós. The total weight of this structure (topside + jacket + piles) is over 3000 tones.

Here is a video of the installation process in the coast of Vinarós of this platform: