PUQ Platform

Project begins: March’09
Project ends: November’11
Locations: Vinarós (Castelló, Spain) , Ingleside (Texas, USA), Cádiz (Spain)
Status: Platform installed
Next steps: Platform operational, testing all the equipments.

Placed on top of the submarine gas storage system there are 2 offshore interconnected platforms the Well Head Platform and the Process platform.

Process, Utilities, Quarters Platform (PUQ)

Connected to the other platform through a bridge, it has all the equipments to manage the storage system, gas compressors, management of the gas pipeline, living quarters for the crew etc. The PUQ is 3 times bigger that the WHP.

The topside was assembled in the installations of Kiewit in Ingleside (Texas) and the Jacket in Dragados Offshore (DOSA) in Cádiz (Spain).

A time lapse video of the installation of this platform in the coast of Vinaros (Spain):

A video of the topside load out in a barge in Texas: