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Descriptive videos of the project:

– In English

– En español


In Vinaros (Spain):

– Ignacio Pérez Operations Plant (Audio in Spanish & English)

– Gas Pipe line construction & installation (Audio in spanish & English)

– Hakuryu 10 leaves Castor offshore site

– Change of Edda Fides for Edda Fjord

– Offshore platforms: construction & installation (Audio in Spanish & English)

– Installation of the PUQ platform

– Construction of the gas pipeline

– Pull in of the Marine Gas Pipe Line

Aerial view of Ignacio Pérez Plant in April 2011

Aerial images of the land gas pipeline in January 2011

– Vos Prelude baptism

– WHP platform installation

– Signing ceremony in Vinaros port


In Ingleside (Texas):

– PUQ load out

– Living Quarters & Helideck installation

– Floating of Level 2 onto Level 1 of PUQ platform

– Loading the WHP topside on the barge

– Construction of the WHP topside timelapse


In Cádiz (Spain):

– Sail away of PUQ Jacket

– PUQ’s Jacket load out

– PUQ’s Jacket construction

– First Rollup of PUQ Jacket

– Loading the WHP Jacket on Giant 4

– 2nd Rollup of WHP’s Jacket

– First Rollup of WHP’s Jacket